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How to fix “Copywriting Cluelessness”

My colleague John Carlton (the legendary writing expert) has just posted something I believe you’ll want to check out right away. It’s a brief (yet very exciting) interview with a young woman whose story should trigger something deep inside of you. Go here: I dare you to hear Stacey’s tale of rocketing from being [...]


David Garfinkel Copywriting Teleseminar Audio Posted

David Garfinkel ("the world’s greatest copywriting coach") and I had a terrific teleseminar Tuesday night about speed copywriting techniques. For some people it wasn’t so great, because they could not get on the call. And one guy wrote to David to say that he couldn’t be on, because it was 3am in his part of [...]


How to Eliminate Copy Procrastination – David Garfinkel

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at your desk *intending* to crank out a high-impact, world-class sales letter, email or even video script . . . only to find yourself hours later still staring at that blinking cursor and wondering how you’ll ever fill the page? You certainly aren’t alone. In my [...]