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3 Blog Traffic Solutions

I was reviewing a bunch of the questions that were posted at about blogs. Wow, there are a lot! Most of them are answered in MakingBlogMoney and others are on the MakingBlogMoney Blog. I felt compelled to answer this question for you today, though, because Dennis and his wife are doing a lot of [...]


Blog pre-announcement (please read)

Wow, another flood of responses to my question about blogs. By and large, the answers were: “Yes, please help me to make money from my blog.” …and… “Yes, I’d very much like an ebook about setting up a blog.” (roughly half said this). …and… “Yes, I want a blog built, but I don’t want to [...]


Time Management + Your New Blog = Help!?!

I was speaking with Ross Goldberg about an email I received in my inbox on Wednesday from one of my Workshop members. (The Workshop is my coaching club) It was about blogs. And it turns out that Ross had received an email that asked a nearly identical question. Here’s the one that was sent to [...]