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Why Search Engines Love Blogs

Most website designers believe that a blog is all about how it looks, or all about how it works. That's because a lot of web developers are graphic artists or programmers. But you and I are marketers, and in today's Internet, really the most important part about a website is what it says, and how [...]


Autoresponders – The 7-Day Secret

If you don't know the 7 Day Secret, you really should. It can make you a lot of money. And in the next two minutes, you'll know this secret. One of the principles of direct marketing is "Start where your customer is." I was explaining that to a friend of mine just yesterday, but he [...]


Improving your Web Store’s Sales

One of my new Landing Page Cash Machine Workshop members had put up a web store to sell hand painted glassware. He wanted to know how to increase sales. Although there are many areas for improvement that he could work on, I gave him three specific recommendations to start with. 1) Get to know your [...]